All children have needs. As with physical wellness, we believe mental wellness is found on a continuum. During certain stages of a child’s development, certain behaviors may seem fairly typical. During another period, things may stand out a bit … perhaps enough for you to wonder “Hmmmm…this doesn’t seem quite right.” And you begin to consider whether you should explore insight, help, or education about the issue. Trust your instincts and seek advice before the issue progresses.

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Passionate about working with young children and families, Dr. Glori Gray works to empower children and families to move toward. Her approach involves individually tailored and empirically validated assessment and treatment. Because she values a multidisciplinary approach, she collaborates with other professionals involved in your child’s world.

Hi, I’m Dr. Glori Gray.

All people – both young and old – have needs. As with physical wellness, I believe mental wellness is found on a continuum. During certain stages of development, certain behaviors may seem fairly typical. At other times, things may stand out a bit … perhaps enough for you to wonder “Hmmmm…this doesn’t seem quite right.”

 Are you looking for a better understanding of you or your child’s intellectual capabilities, learning style, including strengths and weaknesses? Do you need specific recommendations for you and your child as you make educational plans? Trust your instincts. Why not work with someone who has an integrated and informed background in neurodevelopmental disorders to support you as you make those plans.

I work with families to capitalize on strengths. My work with families started as a licensed clinical social worker in 2003. I wanted more tools to assist families, so I returned to graduate school. In 2013, I became a licensed (clinical) psychologist with children. After working with many specialists in early intervention, hospitals, and pediatricians’ offices, – most of my work involves working as a detective of a sorts. I provide comprehensive testing to uncover whatever obstacles might be preventing your child from moving toward their goals. My psychological testing is thorough and collaborative, and I work hard to integrate the results from whatever variety of professionals have had eyes on your children.


My specialties in psychological testing including assessing for a variety of neurodevelopmental needs, including autism spectrum and related needs. I specialize in administering the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum (MIGDAS) to assess for autism-related concerns. I have 20 years of clinical experience with adults and children with spectrum needs. I also evaluate for other neurodevelopmental concerns (ADHD, learning concerns) as well as those with complex social-emotional needs (requiring Rorschach or related personality testing).

With my therapy clients, my approach involves utilizing a biopsychosocial model to support those with:

  • learning and developmental differences
  • preparedness for kindergarten
  • food selectivity
  • sleeping difficulties
  • toileting concerns
  • habit disorders (e.g., skin/hair picking/pulling)
  • OCD/anxiety
  • emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems

*I am also credentialed to practice in the following states under the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT):  +Arizona +Colorado +Delaware +Georgia +Illinois +Missouri +Nebraska +Nevada +New Hampshire +Oklahoma+Pennsylvania +Texas +Utah +Virginia 

For those with therapy needs especially in anxiety (including selective mutism), I recently completed specialty training in a new therapy module with the same efficacy of CBT. The SPACE module, centered out of the Yale Child Study Center holds great promise for parents looking to support their anxious child in just a few sessions.  

In addition to working in the office a few days a week, I am also one of 2 clinicians on the board of Psychology for All, a nonprofit committed to improving the well-being of those in Charlotte who are unable to access mental health services. I dedicate the rest of my world to my husband and 4-year-old. We love traveling and learning from other cultures around the world. And, watch out for me during basketball season because I’m all about cheering on my Tarheels!


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